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Hiking or Cycling the Queen Charlotte Islands - Backpackers Shanties

Backpacking the Cape Fife Trail east of Masset

Hike and cycle the rainforests

The Cape Fife Trail - the ultimate in storybook temperate rain forest,

the first section of this hike entails an easy walk on boardwalks and clearly blazed trials winding through densely carpeted stands of towering spruce, cedar and hemlock, their limbs festooned with lichens and mosses. This soon gives way to a very challenging track with many windfalls, culminating in the enchanted cedar forest (where some can sense the spirits of the ancients caught in the gnarls and twists of the wandering roots and branches), and emerging finally onto the drift-laden expanse of the east coast.

Trampers interested in overnight camping take note that there is a locally maintained shack near the Oeanda River. When hiking on the East coast between Rose Spit and Tlell River, close attention must be paid to the tide tables in order to avoid being caught between drifts and cliffs.

Trampers may also make the circuit through the Cape Fife trail and around Rose Spit returning to Tow Hill in either direction, but may find it easier to walk North beach back from the Spit, where the possibility of hitching a ride is better. It is essential for hikers and trampers both to bring ample quantities of potable water to meet their needs.


Blowhole-Naikoon Park, Queen Charlotte Islands

Hiking Tow Hill / Blow Hole

Scout around the percolating outcrops and explore the intertidal pools whilst waiting for that perfect moment when the incoming tide rushes up the blowhole, revealing, on rare occasions, and instantaneously dissolving rainbow. Then hike up the boardwalk trail to the top of Tow Hill for stellar views of North Beach and Argonaut Plateau.







Hiking White Creek

White Creek rain forest bog

An unmarked, little-known trail beloved by locals that leads into the magical world of Argonaut Plateau. Resembling nothing less than a rainforest version of the African savanna, this wonderland features acres of various mosses and lichens underfoot and stunted natural bonsai trees and bushes throughout, punctuated by small clear ponds and the occasional lake. Home to nesting geese, sandhill cranes, spruce grouse, and the ubiquitous deer, it abounds in the late spring and early summer with a myriad of colourful minuscule blooms.



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Cycling Tow Hill RoadCycle Tow Hill Road through the rainforest

Wildflowers, birds and wildlife abound along the fringes of this narrow dirt road which winds through tunnels of closed mossy canopy, crosses low-lying boggy creeks, bisects an ecological reserve, and skirts the base of Tow Hill.

Rose Spit, Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands



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