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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I find your Cabins?

    - We recommend you download and print out OUR MAP, and pack it with your belongings, or stick it in you glove compartment. Otherwise, just continue east on Highway 16 (past the Masset turnoff) for another 17 km (10 miles). You will see the YELLOW pointing finger for Leapin' Lupin Lane (the shared driveway with North Beach Cabins), where you will find our YELLOW map showing the office and cabin locations. All our cabins are named with YELLOW signs. You can also pull over at OUR DRIVEWAY and follow the boardwalk up to the office.
  • What should I Bring?

    - Our CABINS are furnished, our kitchens equipped, and we provide a food cooler, firewood, propane, linens, tp, and bag showers. We also provide chlorinated town water for drinking, and rain water for washing. See interior photos of our cabins for details. You should bring ice with your groceries, and a flashlight and travel alarm clock if needed. Light rainwear, and wind jackets, and gumboots may come in handy! For those interested in dip netting for crab, wetsuits or chest waders are recommended. Clam shovels and chest waders are available on loan on a first come, first served and sharesies basis. Cell phones (preferably telus) work out on the beach, and in some cabins, weather depending. Bring the necessary utensils if you plan to have camp-fireside meals.
  • Can I bring my Pet?

    -Our PET POLICY welcomes pets, but they must remain in the vicinity of your cabin, and not run free as we are within a park. They must not bother other guests (or their pets), or bark excessively. Please scoop their poop. Pets are not allowed on furniture, and must not scratch at the doors or windows. BRING pet dish, pet towels, and their favourite blanky.
  • Where can I Shower?

    - Solar shower bags are provided for clean-ups in the privacy of your cabin porch.
    Coin-operated hot showers are available at the Hidden Island campsite just outside Masset, on Tow Hill Road.
  • Where can I do Laundry?

    - Local laundry services are available at a cery reasonable rate. Please ask at the office upon arrival.
  • Where can I get a Salt Water Licence?

    - You can purchase a salt water lisence (good for ocean fishing, crabbing and clamming) at Delmas Co-op or North Coast supply in Masset, or buy one online before you leave home.
  • What about catching Crabs and Clams?

    - Razor clams beds are exposed during 6 ft or lower tides, but are most plentiful at the lowest tides. (Tide charts are posted in every cabin. If you want to plan your trip around clamming tides, discuss this with us when you book.) Digging instructions, special clam 'guns', and buckets are available on loan from the office.

    Dip netting for crab occurs generally during July and August. Crab hunting tips, dip nets, and buckets are available on loan from the office. Water kettles and cleaning instructions for both crab and clams are posted in each cabin. Clam shovels and chest waders, as well as  a professional crab cooker is available on loan from the office.
  • Are there Barbeques?

    - The Waldorf and Zendo have full standing propane barbeques, and the other cabins have small table-top propane barbeques. A briquette barbeque is available on loan at the office. 
  • Can we have Campfires?

    - Unless a campfire ban is in effect, campfires are permitted (using the flotsam & jetsam off the beach), but only on the beach itself, below the vegetation area of the dunes. The dunes are formed atop old driftwood logs, and fires could easily spread underground along the network of buried logs. BRING the necessary utensils if you plan to have fireside meals.
  • Can some of our party stay in Tents or Campervans near our Cabin?

    - Depending on space, small tents or campervans may be permitted. Campers will be charged at the extra person rate.
  • Are ATV'S and Dirt Bikes allowed?

    - You may park these at your cabin and use our private road to access the beach, but you must NOT drive all over the dunes. For safety and noise considerations, we ask that you drive slowly and refrain from revving your engines when you are on the property, as well as on the beach directly in front of the cabins.
  • Can I bring my Generator?

    - Due to noise considerations, generators are discouraged, but exceptions for smaller generators operated for short periods may be made.
  • Where can I Rent Kayaks, Boats, Surfboards, and Bikes?

    -For surfboard and kayak rentals, go to WWW.NORTHBEACHSURFSHOP.COM . Guided kayak and small boat tours are available locally - enquire at time of booking. Go to WWW.QCINFO.CA for current availability of bicycle rentals.

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