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Birding in Masset / Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary / Rose Spit


Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary Birding

Canada geese in Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary, Masset

Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the heart of the community and offers easy access via natural trails and viewing towers.

Comprising of 719 acres of mudflats, marshlands, and meadows buffered by protective spruce & hemlock forests, it is home to resident and over-wintering species, and is the first major landfall on the Pacific Migratory flyway south of Alaska. It boasts a record of over 170 bird species, including a number of unusual and rare specimens such as the Wood Sandpiper, and the Cattle Egret (commonly found in Africa).

Performances such as the mating dance of the Sandhill Cranes occur regularly when in season.
The new Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary clubhouse contains illustrations and exhibits of interest to visiting birdwatchers, including bird checklists.

Casual birdwatching

Bald eagle viewing the beachBirding is excellent along the beaches and roadsides. View eagles, ravens, hawks, ducks and geese, loons, sandpipers and song sparrows, the list goes on.

Naikoon Park birdwatching

47 breeding birds and countless local migrants species may be readily seen in and about the park. Our island situation means we have a smaller number of bird species, making this an ideal place for beginner birdwatchers.

 Whilst the open beaches and shorelines make birdwatching easier, our dense coniferous forests challenge birdwatchers to hone their birding-by-ear skills.

 Both land based and pelagic tours can be arranged locally.

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